slavic_beastie (slavic_beastie) wrote in secretaryfans,

Favourite film

Hello :)

I'm Secretary fan from Croatia and I've seen Secretary fully for the first time a couple weeks ago. Since then I become completely obsessed with it. I love every aspect of the film, from script, decorating, acting, direction, characters, BDSM, love story, beginning and the end. It's very sensitive, kind, sensual and humane film that still doesn't take life too seriously. Life is too serious and at the same time full of such absurdities to not laugh about it. I empathised with both Lee and Edward very much - they seem like real people not just characters and that's very rare in my experience. This is the film in which I truly cannot find a flaw and I watched it quite a few times.

I think I'd seen a bit of it on telly ages ago and I liked it but for reason I don't remember couldn't see it in full. But I still remembered it as something I want to watch one day after all those years. I wished I actually watched it much sooner cos it crystallised many things about myself I kind of known but couldn't fully put into words. Knowledge, especially knowledge about oneself, is truly power, as Secretary illustrates very well. I still have a long way to go but now at least I have found a path. My curriculum vitae, you could say, heh.
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