Gesture (changingbeast) wrote in secretaryfans,

The Lifestyle

A little about myself. Since watching this movie about 3 years ago, I've found my way into discovering more and more about the BDSM lifestyle. For me, part of this journey was indeed this movie, as it had an effect that probably wasn't realized when I saw it the first time. For the first time I saw a BDSM relationship that was loving, and was a positive thing for the participants. It intrigued me, and a little spark went in my mind that really couldn't go away. Though it probably wasn't the only thing that got me into the lifestyle, I find that it's definetly something I hold as a moment in my life where I found something mysterious and exciting.

I guess my whole point in saying this is that I wonder if anyone on here has experienced sort of the same thing/feeling after seeing the movie... If maybe something awakened that said that maybe a BDSM relationship could be as loving as any other. Or if not BDSM, has it played a part in your own sexual journey?
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